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Looking for H2K2? - The HOPE 2002 Conference
July 12-14, 2002 in New York City



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Update: 11/1/00

It took us long enough but we finally have started sorting through the many hours of H2K material. Over the next few weeks, audio transcripts of many sessions will be posted here. Videos will also be available soon.

The Jello Biafra keynote speech took place on Saturday, July 15, 2000. In this historic cultural exchange between the punk rock icon/free speech activist and the hacker community, Jello manages to draw powerful connections despite not having any actual computer experience. He addresses issues such as corporate control of the media, the presidential election, censorship, the future of the Internet, Napster, pirate radio, online activism, and hackers.

Excerpts from this speech will be appearing on the new Jello Biafra CD, due out this month.

Update: 07/17/00

We'll post more details as we start to recover but the short story is that the H2K conference exceeded all of our expectations, both in attendance and overall enjoyment. We had more than 2300 attendees, a very well received and varied speaker schedule, a working ethernet and link to the Internet (thanks to nac.net and the techs at Bell Atlantic who came through and broke their asses to help us out), and virtually no trouble of any kind either at the conference or the hotel. It's very likely we'll be able to do something like this again sooner rather than later because of all the good that was generated. Look for more details, summations, pictures, etc. as we pull ourselves together (remember, we also have a trial to deal with). Thanks to EVERYONE who helped make H2K happen!

Update: 07/12/00

With H2K almost upon us, a final schedule of speakers and panels has been released. A third track of speakers is reserved to be announced at the conference. Anyone with a last minute talk may sign up to give it at the conference on a first-come first-serve basis.

In an irony that wasn't entirely unexpected, it appears that Bell Atlantic is living up to its famous quality of service reputation by somehow managing to botch our T1 installation, which had been planned out months in advance. Today, with only two days left to go until the H2K conference, we have still not gotten the connection that was supposed to have been installed last week. This kind of thing is par for the course when dealing with Bell Atlantic but in this case their screwup will disappoint thousands if it isn't rectified soon, like TODAY. Installing a line weeks late may be acceptable for customers who aren't going anyplace but in our case a T1 next week isn't going to be of much use.

We hope we can convince Bell Atlantic to move on this. We will keep you updated. We WILL have connectivity of some sort at H2K but we sure hope we can get what we were promised.

Update: 06/30/00

A tentative schedule of musical performers has been posted. Also, numerous new postings have been added to the room and ride sharing page.

Update: 06/26/00

If you are a member of the press and you are planning to cover H2K, send email to press@2600.com with your name, phone number, media affiliation, and any questions or concerns you may have.

We will have limited vendor space at H2K. We do NOT accept commercial vendors so don't expect this to look like PC Expo. If you are an individual or a non-profit organization, we will try to make room for you. However, it's all first come, first serve. The only "fee" we ask is one of whatever it is you're peddling. Send email to vendors@h2k.net to get on the list.

Update: 06/20/00

The speaker list has been updated with a new round of panels and speakers.

Update: 06/12/00

A preliminary list of speakers and panels is now available.

Also, if you're thinking of preregistering for H2K, be advised that preregistration CLOSES this coming Friday, 6/16/00. The easiest way to preregister is through our online store. After Friday, you will have to register at the door during the conference.

Update: 06/10/00

Freedom Downtime, the 2600 documentary about the Free Kevin campaign is nearing completion and will premiere at H2K Friday evening (July 14). Look for an initial list of speakers and panels to be released this Monday.

Update: 05/15/00


That's right, we find it hard to believe ourselves, it looks like we won't have to wait for the DeCSS trial afterall. You may want to extend your stay in New York since the judge has just rescheduled the trial of 2600 vs. the MPAA to July 17, 2000 in New York. We can't think of a more perfect time to have this case be heard by the public, when something on the order of 3,000 hackers will be in town for the conference. We will never have a better opportunity to let the truth be known, as media from all around the world will be in attendance. Keep checking here for more details.

Update: 05/13/00

This year H2K will be running around the clock featuring live music and entertainment. If you are a DJ or have a band and would like to perform, please fill out this form.

Update: 05/09/00


We just can't wait until the trial in December where the case against us by the MPAA will finally be heard. So we're going to schedule a mock trial during H2K, complete with lawyers for both sides, witnesses, a jury, and a verdict! H2K attendees are invited to participate.

The fun will start on Saturday night with each side presenting its case. All arguments will be heard within a two hour period. Then a jury will be selected from the audience. They will have until 6 pm on Sunday to come up with a verdict, which will then be announced as part of the closing ceremonies.

We will have more details on lawyers, judges, and witnesses in the coming weeks. We welcome your input.

Update: 04/28/00

We're very happy to announce that our keynote speaker will be Jello Biafra, former lead singer of the Dead Kennedys and currently with Lard. Over the years, Jello has become an outspoken critic of censorship and the mass stupidity that embraces our culture. It's a world those in the hacker community are quite familiar with.

The keynote is scheduled for Saturday, July 15 at noon.

Jello Biafra
Listen to Jello Biafra.

Update: 04/13/00

New travel and ride sharing section added.

Update: 03/31/00

Southwest Airlines is offering a 10% discount on most of its already low fares for air travel to and from the event. You or your travel agent can call Southwest Airlines Group and Meetings Reservations at 1-800-433-5368 and reference I.D. Code A3433. Reservations sales agents are available from 8 am to 5 pm Monday through Friday and 9:30 am to 3:30 pm on Saturday and Sunday. You must make reservations five or more days prior to travel to take advantage of this offer.

One of the reasons why this airfare is so cheap is because Southwest flies into Islip Macarthur Airport instead of the New York metro airports. But this is actually MORE convenient since this airport is very close to a train that will literally take you right across the street from where H2K is being held. You will actually get there faster than if you were flying into JFK, Laguardia, or Newark and you won't have to deal with traffic.

When you land at Macarthur, look for the shuttle to the Ronkonkoma train station. They leave every half hour and cost $5. It's a five minute ride. From there, simply get on a westbound train to New York. That will cost you $6.50 and trains run once an hour. (Check the schedule to make sure you allow enough traveling time to catch your return flight!) Once you arrive, simply walk across the street (7th Avenue) to the Hotel Pennsylvania and you're there!

Another reason Southwest has such cheap fares is because they don't serve food (except for peanuts) and they don't have any entertainment (except for the crew, who have been known to be very entertaining). There is no first class, no preferential treatment, no nothing except travel so if that's what matters to you, we suggest you look into this.

Update: 02/25/00

Some visitors may have had difficulty reaching our site over the last week, we are happy to report that our connectivity problems have been resolved for the most part.

More logos have been posted here. Thanks to everyone who sent in a submission, there are a wide variety of styles and themes to incorporate into designs for the conference.

Update: 02/20/00

We've been deluged with responses from people eager to be part of H2K this July in New York City. As it looks now, this will be far bigger than anything we've done in the past, with three tracks of speakers plus films and all sorts of other activities.

We are now offering online registration to save you the hassle of mailing or standing in line at the conference.

There is still room for speakers and other presentations - details on how you can participate can be found on the site.

The H2K logo contest ends on Monday! If you think you have what it takes to be an official H2K artist, email a GIF or JPEG to h2k-logos@2600.com. Be sure to hang on to your uncompressed non-flattened images, as we may need them if your logo is selected. Some current submissions have been chosen at random and posted here.

We're still in need of volunteers for everything from registration to A/V to network operations. Details on how you can participate can be found in our volunteers section.